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Juniata Township is a member of the Vassar Area Ambulance Service, Inc. (VAAS), which has a coverage area that includes Denmark Township, Fairgrove Township, Gilford Township, Juniata Township, Tuscola Township, Millington Township, Vassar Township, and the City of Vassar. VAAS contracts with Mobile Medical Response (MMR) to provide ambulance services in this area. There are MMR bases both in Vassar and in Fairgrove to serve our residents in the fastest and most efficient manner.

The Vassar Area Ambulance Board of Directors is pleased to announce that residents within Juniata Township are eligible to participate in the MMR PLUS Membership Program at no additional charge (as of 1/1/14). MMR Plus was created to help cover co-payments for ambulance transportation. Although this program is not an insurance product, it is a membership advantage to our residents.

When a resident of Juniata Township is transported by an MMR Ambulance, MMR will bill the resident's insurance carrier for the service. Often, patients are responsible for a portion of the charges or a "co-payment". Residents of Juniata Township that have health insurance coverage, and have met their deductible, will have their co-payment waived. Residents of Juniata Township that do not have health insurance coverage and only have Medicare coverage will only be charged the Medicare allowable rate for ambulance transport, and the co-payment, if any, will be waived.

It is important that upon receiving your bill from MMR for ambulance services that you, the resident of Juniata Township, MUST contact a MMR billing specialist (1-866-781-3218) to inform them that you are a resident within the VAAS coverage areas so that any co-payment can be waived.

Please call 1-989-399-3663 to speak with the MMR Tuscola County Supervisor.

About the Vassar Area Ambulance Service

  • The Vassar Area Ambulance Service, located in Vassar, MI, provides emergency and non-emergency medical transport services for patients in Vassar. Ambulance Services transports patients to hospitals, medical centers, and health care facilities in Vassar, including transfers between medical facilities.

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